Some ideas for your wedding photographs

Wedding photographs can make the bride and groom teleport to a wonderful and unforgettable day. We regularly look for the bride and groom to show their best smile. In most cases, images are sought in which there is no lack of caresses, scenes with the guests, at the ceremony or the reception, and always exciting preparations. 


All these photos are part of a whole, a wedding album that will pass from generation to generation. That is why it is common for the couple, especially the bride, to look magnificent and authentic in the photos of such a special day. 


As a professional, follow the Miami Wedding photographer‘s tips to achieve the perfect photos to get it right. 


Zero rigidity


When it comes to the bride and groom looking their best in a picture, they need to be as spontaneous as possible!  For that, they need to feel comfortable.  This way, the photoshoot can flow smoothly. Now only the bride and groom should feel comfortable taking pictures. The photographer will always suggest comfortable sceneries where the bride and groom do not show a forced smile. 


Talking, laughing, hugging


An everyday behavior, such as a couple’s conversation, is the best of the scenes to photograph. The photographer can take the state if the bride and groom don’t feel good about taking pictures. So it’s a great idea to take that moment of mischief and collaboration at the altar or during dinner, talking and laughing together. 


And don’t forget the hugs and caresses. The bride and groom holding hands or hugging is always the right shot. These are simple poses, but you can get great romantic shots.


During the dance


Without looking at the camera, keeping an eye on each other is how the best photos are produced. Photographers have their tricks to achieve a film-like result. This is nothing more and nothing less than during the journey. The proximity between the bride and groom and the movement usually look very beautiful.


No posing!


Perhaps one of the most repeated tips and a classic in bridal photography is precisely a reminder: forgetting that there is someone on the other side of the lens will make the result more natural. The key to good photography is simplicity and naturalness. So forget that you have photographers. Enjoy your wedding, and you will see exquisite results in your photographs.


The bride and groom alone


Another idea is to do a photo session alone before the reception. This will help the bride and groom be more comfortable without watching. You can also do it in a photo studio. However, keep in mind that you will not have photos with your guests. 


Wedding photographs do not have to be stressful. The main idea is that you enjoy the whole process. You can, if you wish, save all the memories of your wedding. From the preparations to the arrangements during your wedding day. If you do that you might get used to your photographer and then on your wedding day you won’t be so stressed about the photography.


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