Pressures of State Tests in Education

Many Americans have felt that their children were not being educated to their full potential, which sparked debate in Congress over the education system. Initially there were upgrades made to the math and science programs while art and social studies were not focused on. Increased dropout rates, declining test scores, and low quality teachers have been a growing concern in the United States. Since many parents are failing to take responsibility and aid in teaching their children, schools are being forced to try and step up even more. Many parents and politicians are pushing schools to be responsible for their children’s learning alone. Which has lead children to be evaluated by their teachers and then to take tests, which will allow them to pass or fail and move up to the next level of education.

Schools are feeling pressure to get their students to pass these tests in order to avoid becoming a bad statistic and to push legislators to provide them with additional funding. Unfortunately the pressure of state tests has caused many teachers to teach “only to the test” and they often neglect important programs like social studies, arts, and languages. Students are in need of a well-rounded education and teachers are not focusing on other teaching methods so their students will simply pass the test.

While many students may not show they are pressured by their teachers to pass the test, curriculum’s certainly show that they are. Students are told by many of their teachers that they need to grow and make significant gains in programs like math and reading. Universitas Swasta di Bandung At some schools, students are required to spend their first period or first hour of school where they work on reading and math. These students are often those that are struggling and they need to forgo an elective course and must attend the special session instead where they are given extra tutoring.

State involvement in education will help some schools to change their curriculum’s and to create new curriculum’s that are based on educating the children but also passing these tests with higher percentages. Pressure from state legislators to perform is causing a lot of schools to really focus on changing their strategies and to really focus on helping kids pass these tests.

There are some students that report educator cheating does happen. It is estimated that about 3 percent of educators will do things to try and boost the test scores. These cheating efforts will normally focus on using old tests and providing them to the students so they can see what type of questions they will face. Konseling Online The reason educator cheating occurs is due to the fact that teachers feel significant pressure to get their students to pass. They feel as though their jobs are in jeopardy if their students do not pass and this type of pressure to keep the reputation of the school in tact are really hurting the students in the long run.

Parental involvement in education will go a long way in helping students to succeed. Schools report that lack of parental involvement is by far the biggest problem they face. Parents that are involved with their children’s education will see students that have higher grades, better performance in school, and reduced violent and personality issues.

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