Care For Your Lips

Want to have fuller lips like Angelina Jolie? In the stores, there are many lipsticks or lip glosses which claim to give you those kissable lips while providing the needed moisture and sunscreen protection.

In the past, there is always a need to apply lip balms for dry chapped lips before the application of lip stick or lip gloss. However, most lip manufacturers have made it easier for consumers these days by adding several features in one product.

If you only want to choose a lip balm to prevent dry, chapped lips, look out for moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, beeswax, natural oils or petrolatum. Maklon Kosmetik If your lips are always dry and chapped, just apply your lip balm as and when necessary to keep it moist.

Make sure that your lip product comes with sunscreen protection of at least SPF15. UVA rays can lead to anti-aging and people often apply sunscreen onto the entire face but forgot about the lips.

Your lips can also get sunburn and skin ageing signs can also be found on your lips. Without lip sunscreen, your lips may turn brown or darker in color and lines and wrinkles can be making their way to your lip area. To minimize sunburn and skin aging, apply your lip sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going outdoors. If you are perspiring heavily or have gone for swimming, do reapply as the sunscreens may have lost their effectiveness to the water.

With the great variety of lip products in the stores, you can always get the suitable one for every occasion.

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